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HERTELL S COOP is a Cooperative Society belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation  that is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of accessories for vacuum tanks, highlighting its line of vacuum pumps or depressors.

The origin of HERTELL dates back to the late 1950s in the town of Tolosa, the company originally dedicating itself to the manufacture of special machinery and tools. In 1979 it became a Cooperative Society and moved to the town of Ikaztegieta, dedicating itself fully to the vacuum sector since then.

The years of presence of the company in the world market together with the proven reliability of the products and an unbeatable positioning in terms of price and service are the keys to our greatest asset: the trust of our customers.

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MONDRAGON is the fruit of a cooperative business reality that emerged in 1956. Its philosophy is found in its Corporate Values: inter-cooperation, participation in management, social responsibility, innovation, democratic organization, education and social transformation, among others.

MONDRAGON, which currently consists of more than 81,000 people and has sales in more than 150 countries, is a Business Group located in the 

Basque Country that develops activities in the Industrial, Financial and Distribution sectors.

HERTELL S.COOP. It is part of the Equipment Division of the MONDRAGON Corporation.

The main mission of the Group is the production and sale of products and services, based on the democratic principles of its organization and distributing the goods for the joint benefit of members and the community.

Years operating


Countries around the world

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